Our dramatic productions are all original works. They make a great evening out for clubs and societies, or a very different celebration treat for birthdays or anniversaries.

We can perform at most venues and even arrange refreshments, licensing permitting.

All plays use authentic costumes and props, realistic sets, lighting, a soundtrack for dramatic effect, amplification and special effects to bring  each performance to life.



The year is 1942. Doris lives in Coventry, and became a widow before the war, takes in a bombed out neighbour and they soon become firm friends. After meeting a dapper squadron leader on leave she is given a second chance at real happiness. But with the advent even more dangerous times ahead and the arrival of the charismatic American will it last? Poignant, funny and heart warming it is an evening full of melodies and nostalgia.

Already performed at the Birmingham Hippodrome to great acclaim,  this nostalgic play, is the story of two friends and their journey of love, loss and resilience in war torn Britain.

With a superb musical soundtrack and great performances by a talented cast you will be transported back to a time when friendship was everything.

The Cast

Carol Dolby as Doris Kirkwood                  Holly Phillpot as Vera Marshall

Mick Dolby as Sqd Leader Michael Moores             David Jones as Hank Masterson










The Mystery of Saxby Hall



A classic murder mystery play, complete with a dramatic trial in the last scene, where you the audience become the jury.

Booked by the Holiday Inn chain for their Christmas entertainment program, the plots twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The wealthy Lord Saxby and his younger wife have everything ...........  or do they?

All is not as it seems and the scene is set for mayhem to ensue.


The Cast

Roberta Jones as Charlotte              Mick Dolby as Charles              Carol Dolby as Eleanor

David Jones as Lord Saxby










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