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Our next Public Event -

The Fabulous Fifties

October 2017

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We can provide a diverse selection of   event services including :- 

Room theme decoration

Vintage china


Live & recorded music

and even help with menu planning

and catering provision in partnership with our associates

You can theme your whole event

from the decoration right down to the menu                                           



About us

Parties and events should be a happy occasion, but they can also be quite stressful to organise, so why not let us take on the organisation and provide a package tailored to your requirements?


We are a small independent, family run business, with vast experience in our field. We offer complete event packages or selected services from our range.


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Warwick District Council

 Warwick District Council



National Club for the Visually Impaired (Kenilworth Branch)



Jephson/Stonewater Scheme




Scheme Resident




  • Pupils dig out replica artifacts
  • research and identification
  •  display in their own museum

        for others to view

  • raised digging area for those

       who require it





An excellent introduction to science for yrs R to 2 and younger. This workshop also offers a great opportunity for children and staff

alike to get to know one another. Therefore, a good choice for settling in at the beggining of term.



 Please contact us for

details of all our existing



 Pirates !


  The Captain 






 The adventure begins


Please click on link to view clip Can be linked with literature, such as Treasure Island or Peter Pan.

  • Literacy, history, geography or drama..
  • Accurate depiction of life at sea, in the days of the tall ships
  • Sailing ship built in your available space
  • Props, lights and soundtrack.
  • An interactive drama in which the class become the crew of the Swiftshark.
  • A journey of adventure on the high seas



We can offer workshops from 1/2 day to a full weeks duration. We can include extension and follow up activities. We try to work with you to develop a session that is right for your needs. So why not talk to us?